I am a level 2 Triathlon Coach, a level 2 Swim Teacher and an Advanced Aquaphobia coach.

You may think I’ve always been into sport, but that would not be the case, in fact I avoided it as a kid. At the age of 30-something I found that contentment and a busy life was leading to an expanding waistline and (after a failed attempt to go for a short run) realised I was really unfit. This shocked me into action, which started with completing a Couch to 5k plan and eventually joining Ponteland Runners / Ponteland Triathlon in 2014. Since then I have taken part in lots of run events of differing lengths.

Once part of the club, I was exposed to other areas of sport and eventually bought a road bike and did my first Coast to Coast bike ride with the club in 2016. I kept getting asked “so, are you going to do a triathlon Sarah?”. Well, not being able to swim and actually being terrified of putting my face in the water was a massive stumbling block. However, during winter 2014 I overcame this, with some help and in 2015 did my first Sprint Triathlon. Since then I have continued to take part in triathlon, run and cycle events.


I found I enjoyed helping others on their sporting journeys and so completed my British Triathlon Coach training and then volunteered at my club. I also found that a number of people were keen to have a go at a triathlon but swimming was the preventing element, with many not having swum since childhood. As a triathlon coach I could help with swim technique, but was not qualified to teach swimming from scratch, and so I trained as a swim teacher to fill this gap. As someone who learned to swim as an adult and overcame a fear of water to do this, I also completed a course in Aquaphobia.

I am extremely passionate about working with individuals to improve in sport whether this is working with beginners or with experienced athletes looking to make improvements. I have a great eye for detail and enjoy exploring technique.

I have a background as a counsellor and find this comes in very useful when working with people on the psychological aspects of learning, training or racing.  

Getting into sport and coaching over the last decade has been life changing. It has meant improved health (both mental and physical) and I’ve found a great group of friends at my local club. Triathlon will be a permanent part of my life for as long as I can manage it.

So this is me. If you would like to see information about my qualifications, please see our About Us page. If you want to see what others say about me, take a look at our testimonials.