All of our triathlon services are based around you and your needs. We offer:

We believe we can help most people achieve their personal goals. Of course, you’ll be doing all the hard work and your goals needs to be realistic (winning Olympic gold might be a tough ask for some!) but here are a few examples of goals where we think we can help:

  • Complete your first ever triathlon (duathlon etc.) of any distance
  • Prepare you for a longer distance race such as a 70.3 or “full” Ironman race
  • Help you qualify for a GB age group place
  • Help if you need to rediscover your “mojo” for training and competing

To discuss your individual requirements and to see if we can help please get in touch

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Lots of people can make triathlon sound very scary and technical and we know what it’s like to turn up at your first race and it looks like everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing. Truth is, they may be just as scared as you and are just hiding it really well.

We do our best to take away all of the jargon and get you ready for your first race. Our training plans are always based around where you are right now and build from that point. To see if we can help please get in touch.

Ok so you’ve done a triathlon or two, or maybe twenty and you want some advice and guidance for where to go next.

Maybe you’ve been crazy and entered an Ironman race and are now losing sleep just thinking about it (a common problem we find).

Whether you’re pumped full of enthusiasm already or know you’re in need of some motivation, we hope that by talking with you during our initial assessment we can provide you with a way forward. To see if we can help please get in touch.