Our Approach

We approach our teaching and coaching based on two very important things – what we will and what we won’t do.

These have come from our experience as active athletes and as coaches and teachers. We hope that these mean you will receive a quality service delivered from a place of honesty and integrity.

We Will

  • Focus on you, your teaching or coaching needs and your individual goals
  • Encourage you to be the best version of yourself, and discourage you from comparison with other athletes (competition yes, comparison no)
  • Work with you in a way that is balanced and in context with your life, your family and other things you have going on
  • Find out what existing networks you are already part of (e.g. a running club) and link coaching in with these activities. This makes any plan more achievable
  • Give advice about a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • If we aren’t best suited to your coaching or teaching needs, we will be honest about this and signpost you to other professionals we may know of and rate highly
  • Signpost regarding where you might buy kit you need or onto other professionals e.g. physio
  • Work within the guidelines of our governing professional bodies

We Won't

  • Provide you with a service we are not qualified or insured to do, for example we would not advise you on a particular diet
  • Encourage you to keep accessing our services when you no longer need us
  • Try and sell you kit to make us money
  • Provide “off the peg”, or copy and paste coaching plans
  • Work with people who are not best suited to our skills and ways of working
  • Offer coaching plans which will conflict with the other demands on your life outside of sport
  • Waste valuable time criticising other coaches or teachers