A coaching plan is a diary of training activities designed in consultation with you to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced athlete, our plans set out how we think you can train and race effectively. All our plans take in to account that you probably have lots of other things going on in your life besides triathlon.

We offer two main types of coaching plan for triathlon – fixed and ongoing (monthly). We have three levels of ongoing plan and the table below shows you how they compare.

Both plans types are (of course) in line with our approach to coaching.

Need a coaching plan?

David's blog on the subject

A one off coaching plan designed by a coach specifically for you after an initial assessment. This does not include any ongoing input from a coach.

An ongoing plan is one designed by a coach specifically for you that has ongoing support and adaptations included.

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Group coached sessions


Our fixed plan cost is £300. This usually means it runs for one year or season. 

Our monthly plans cost from £75 per month.**

We offer discounts on both types of plan to members of our Triathlon club.

To discuss your individual requirements and to see if we can help please get in touch.

All of our plans are tailored for you as an individual. We will never copy and paste a plan or provide with you with an “off the peg” solution.

Fixed Plan

£300 per year (discounts available for Triathlon club members)

Full initial athlete assessment

Written report on recommendations

12 month “static” training plan

Structured session descriptions with duration/distances/effort

Monthly Plan

£75 per month** (discounts available for our Triathlon club members)

Full initial athlete assessment

Written report on recommendations

Structured session descriptions with duration/distances/ effort

Monthly coach meet up*

Ongoing monitoring

Weekly training plans based on current fitness and circumstances

Flexible and “fluid” planning (change of race dates etc.)

Message coach service*

Performance testing and analysis

Strength and conditioning sessions

Additional Chargeable Services

Please get in touch to discuss these services as prices vary depending on venues and requirements

1:1 swim assessment or teaching

1:1 open water swim coaching

1:1 bike session

1:1 run session

* Method and frequency of contact will be agreed during initial assessment

** Minimum duration of 3 months

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