Aquaphobia Coaching

Aquaphobia is a fear of water

There are nearly 14 million people in the UK who are afraid of water. Many of these people are too afraid to go into a pool because of this fear and may never have learned to swim. If you have a fear of water, or know someone who does, this figure is there to reassure you that you’re not alone.

How does aquaphobia impact people?

This fear can affect people in different ways and to different intensities. It is not just about being able to swim either, it can affect someone’s ability to take a bath or shower, it can mean pool or beach holidays with family and friends are stressful rather than relaxing. It impacts life more broadly than simply swimming.

How can we help?

Sarah is a qualified Advanced Aquaphobia coach trained to deliver the Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP). She is currently one of just two such coaches in the North East of England. 

Overcoming aquaphobia

There are 12 stages within the programme, designed specifically to work on managing fear and on increasing confidence and skills in the water. 

After an initial chat away from the poolside, the rest of the programme is delivered in a pool environment through 30 minute lessons. The initial chat helps Sarah to tailor the rest of the programme to the specific person. Each stage is progressive, helping increase confidence and skills and is always done at the pace the person is happy with.

It is not a learn to swim programme, but completion of it would get a person to the place they needed to be to take that next step, should they want to.

Sarah is passionate about helping people achieve something they didn’t think they could do, and hopefully making life that little better as a result. Sarah faced this fear a number of years ago, and whilst she can now confidently swim and take part in triathlon events and swim regularly, she still remembers what this fear is like.  

If you are afraid of water and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.