Learn to Swim

Swimming Lessons are offered on a one to one basis and lessons are usually 30 minutes, but can be longer depending on need. All of our lessons are tailored to the swimmer’s needs. We offer:

  • One to one lessons for adults
  • One to one lessons for children 5 and over 
  • Lessons for all abilities
  • Specialist support for nervous swimmers or swimmers with a phobia of water
  • Technique analysis to fine tune existing skills

Sarah is our qualified swim teacher having completed the Swim England qualifications. She works within the Swim England Learn to Swim framework. As an Advanced Aquaphobia Coach Sarah has a special interest in working with those who are nervous or afraid of the water. 

We work from a range of locations and at varied times. As different locations have different fees for pool hire, our price to you will also vary as a result. Please get in touch to discuss the services you require and we will be able to advise you of costs at that point. 

If you want to know what others say about our services, please have a look at our testimonials.

Adult group lesson, learning about body position and rotation